Case Study: Sela the Graphic Artist and a
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Case Study: Sela
Type of Business: Graphic Designer
Location: Long Island City, New York
Services: NY Company Formation, NYC Virtual Office, Mail
Handling, and New York Registered Agent

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Sela, an only child from a single
parent home, moved to Long Island City while attending a famous
NYC design school. It broke her heart to leave her mother alone, but
they both knew it was for the best.

After obtaining her degree, Sela was immediately hired as a
graphic artist at a local Silicon Alley company. After a few years, she
was heading up the same department with a promising future with
the company. However, her Silicon Alley employer was not doing
well in the current economic climate and the company was heading
towards closing their New York location. They offered certain
employees the opportunity to relocate to their headquarters in San
Francisco – Sela was on board.

Unfortunately, right before her big move to San Francisco, tragedy
struck. Her Mother, out for a leisurely evening walk, was struck by a
car; Sela left New York immediately. Her mother had a compound
fracture in her right leg and it was going to take a long time to heal.
Sela, a self-professed “Momma’s Girl”, knew that she was going to
be in Jackson for quite some time. Sela’s employer gave her her
remaining vacation and banked days. In the meantime, she started
to wrap-up her New York life from a distance.

Her employer did not want to loose her – Sela was way too talented.
They worked out a deal where they would hire Sela as a freelance
graphic designer, Sela agreed. She would be able to work from a
distance without a problem. She always wanted to start her own
firm, needed to take care of her mother, and saw this as her golden
opportunity to be her own boss!

Sela searched online for a way to make her situation work. She
realized that forming her company and renting a business address
with mail forwarding would work perfectly for her. During her
searches she found's office
perfectly situated just a few blocks from her former Silicon Alley
office – She loved the neighborhood!

Sela hired VH International Business Solutions to establish her New
York business presence. She formed her LLC in New York, opened
her virtual office, and selected
as her Registered Agent.

During the transition period from New York to Mississippi, Sela flew
back and forth several times to vacate her apartment and put her
furniture and belongings up for sale on Craigslist – with the help of
friends. Sela had her mail from her Long Island City home
forwarded to's office in
Manhattan. We would then forward her personal mail, along with
any business mail to her mother’s home in Jackson.

Within a month from her mother’s accident, Sela was back in
Mississippi, full-time, tending to her mother’s every need. While her
Silicon Alley former employer continued referring her with new
freelance jobs, Sela worked on growing her own client base to
supplement her income. She found it simple and convenient to
work from Mississippi with a New York business presence.

Thankfully Sela’s mother’s recovery time was better than expected.
Even though her business was growing every day, Sela wasn’t
about to leave home anytime soon. She was going to stay home,
close to her “Momma” and let
run her New York business presence for her.

We are proud to still call Sela one of our valued clients – and
congratulate her success.
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