Case Study: Leonard, Kiara, Their Medical
Placement Agency and a NYC Virtual Office

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Case Study: Leonard and Kiara
Type of Business: Medical Placement Agency
Location: Hoboken, New Jersey
Services: New York Virtual Office, Meeting Room Usage

Leonard was a headhunter for the office furniture industry in the
Tristate area. He wasn’t doing very well in the current economy – he
had tons of clients, but no jobs to place them in. He knew he
wanted to start his own business, but wasn’t sure exactly which
direction to go in.

Kiara was a Human Resource director with a medical company.
Budget cuts and layoffs were a part of her daily routine. Not only was
her spirit breaking because of the constant bad news she had to
deliver on a daily basis, she knew her days at this job were also

Leonard and Kiara met through a mutual friend. They got to talking
about their careers; a headhunter and an HR director! It was the
beginning of a beautiful friendship and a successful business

Leonard and Kiara were from completely different sectors, but their
combined connections and knowledge-base would eventually be
the basis for a placement firm. They got to talking and the ideas just
fell into place. With support from their respective spouses, family,
friends and business associates, Leonard and Kiara got to work.

They knew they were starting a placement firm, but weren’t sure if it
should be general or cater to a specific niche market. They wanted
to specialize, but didn’t want to exclude any potential candidates. In
the end, they decided to to start off the firm specializing in
placement for medical professionals and make use of Kiara’s
massive contact list and Leonard networking skills.

Leonard and Kiara had their business plan and website in place.
Since they were still working at their respective day jobs, they didn’t
have the time, money or resources to rent an actual office. A
physical presence was a necessity: They needed a professional
environment to portray their corporate identity and to interview
prospective candidates. That’s when they contacted and subscribed to our
Manhattan business presence including rental of an office address
and meeting room usage.

The company was ready to go! Leonard worked on placing ads to
find candidates and Kiara sent out announcements to her contacts
in the medical field promoting their new venture. The buzz they
created churned out fantastic results: responses were flowing in
from both directions! It was time to start interviewing placement

Leonard and Kiara contacted
to find out if the office was suitable for conducting a condensed flow
of interviews scheduled at 15 minute increments during the entire
workday. They asked if we had places for people to wait for their
interview and a private room where they could interview
candidates… Of course we do – they started renting the available
office space for an entire day at a time.

On the day of their first rental, they arrived early to speak with the
receptionist. The receptionist was given a list of the candidates and
their appointments. The receptionist was to note that the
interviewee had show up, and at what time, for their appointment.
She was then given a packet of documents, including applications
and disclosure forms that the interviewees were to complete prior to
their interview. A resume was to be requested from the applicant, as
well as a photo ID and any licensing documents. The receptionist
was then to make copies of this information and attach to their
paperwork package. The package would be given to Leonard, who
would greet the applicant in the reception area, and escort into the
meeting room for Kiara to conduct the interview.

Their first day was a success! So much of a success they currently
religiously book the meeting room at least twice a month to conduct
their mass interviews.

Leonard and Kiara are thrilled with their success: The idea worked!
They have since branched out into other non-medical sectors. For
just a nominal amount of start-up capital they were able to create a
business that currently supports both of their salaries and covers all
business expenses. Always expressing appreciation for our service,
they are amazed at the quality of services they’ve received from their New York office.

We are proud to still call Leonard, Kiara and their placement firm
one of our valued clients.
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