Case Study: Kris, Erica and a NY Virtual

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Case Study: Kris and Erica
Type of Business: Agents Representing Artists
Location: Los Angeles, California and New York, New York
Services: New York Virtual Office and 212 Manhattan Call
Forwarding Phone Number.

Kris and Erica are business partners that manage and represent
renowned makeup artists and photographers. They both live with
their respective families and commute to their brick and mortar
office in Los Angeles each day.

They wanted to grow the photographic representation part of their
company, but weren’t able to attract more photographers and or
magazine editor attention in New York. All the magazine
companies were located here, in NYC, and most of these wanted to
see the Photographer portfolios right away. It was costly to overnight
large and heavy portfolios back and forth from Los Angeles to New
York. They needed a cost effective alternative to keep costs down
and profits up while living 3,000 miles from their target audience.

They for

Their budget was small and they wanted to start off small to test the
market. Their first purchase was a 212 Manhattan voice mail to
email phone number. At only $10 per month, the cost wasn’t a
deterrent issue. Incoming messages were sent via email as a .wav
file simultaneously to Kris and Erica. They added the phone number
to their website, got new business cards and were ready to hit the
New York market.

Good news: It worked! They were attracting new clients to represent
and starting relationships with Manhattan publishing companies.

Three months later they contacted
again with the possibility of upgrading their phone
number to better cater to their new needs. They wanted to answer
their calls personally. Since they were all setup with an assistant
and an intern in their Los Angeles office, they had more than
enough people to answer both their LA and NY calls. They even
considered the time zone, and made a rotating schedule of who
would be in the LA office at 5:30 am to start answering any New
York phone calls during Eastern Time. We said “sure, no problem”
and upgraded their phone for only $5 per month and they started to
get their 212 Manhattan phone calls directly in Los Angeles.

Great news: This worked even better! Though they were actually
answering their calls from Los Angeles, it was as if they were just
across town from their callers in New York.

The huge influx of new clients caused them a new business
dilemma. Editors wanted to see the photographers portfolios right
away. The quickest Kris and Erica could get the portfolios to New
York was via overnight courier. As noted earlier, they were spending
a small fortune in courier costs to overnight huge and heavy
portfolios. None of the portfolios would fit in courier boxes, so they
were just shipping the portfolios, sans packaging, with just a courier
label attached to the actual portfolio handle; it was costly and
damaging! It was time… they now needed a physical presence in
New York.

Once again, Kris and Erica contacted
for assistance. They opened their New York real / virtual
office in just hours. A few weeks later, Erica flew out to New York
with 15 portfolios which would be based in New York along with a
stash of promo cards and business cards and explained how they
needed their New York presence to operate.

Initially they would send an email to our Customer Service
department with an address where each portfolio should be sent to.
We would forward the portfolios via messenger to each respective
magazine editors’ office. When the magazine offices were done
with the portfolios, Erica would then contact them and tell them
where they should go next. We’d only see the portfolios back at the
office if they needed restocking of business / promo cards or if the
photographer was in town and needed one of their portfolios to
meet with a potential client in our meeting room facilities.

Kris and Erica continued working from Los Angeles for the next few
years. Erica’s trips to NYC became more and more frequent; she
was quickly racking up those frequent flier miles! However, taking
several cross country trips each month was exhausting Erica – they
decided, someone would need to relocate to New York. Erica took
the plunge and, along with her husband, relocated to New York.
Thankfully it worked out well, her husband is an artist and has his
work frequently exhibited in New York galleries, many right near the
office in Chelsea. It was a no brainer: Erica and family’s move to
New York was a success.

Erica kept her days busy in Manhattan lunching with prospective
clients. She worked mostly from home, and would come into the
office occasionally for a quick meeting. Any mail that came in for
Kris and Erica was now forwarded to Erica’s NYC home.

They toyed with the idea of opening their own office in NYC, but
decided it was unnecessary. By having a virtual office serviced by they were saving on the exorbitant
costs associated with opening their own brick and mortar office:
rent, payroll, insurance, utilities just to name a few, in Manhattan, is
a costly venture. Our virtual office service, including a physical
business office address with meeting facilities, was exactly what
they needed at an unbeatable price.

Years later, Kris and Erica’s business is still successful. Erica and
family are still in New York. We are proud to still call them our
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