Case Study: Doug the Day Trader and a
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Case Study: Doug
Type of Business: Day Trader
Location: Usually South America
Services: Virtual Office Business Address, Mail Forwarding, Voice
Mail with Email Forwarding

Doug is a day trader and an avid traveler. He grew up with dreams
of traveling the world and knew that’s what he was destined to do.
Question was – how could he do it? Turns out he had a knack for the
Financial Markets.

Knowing that with a good internet connection and professional
trading program he could trade from virtually anywhere, he left his
home in California and hit the road. For a few years now Doug has
been living in long-term hotels/apartments around the world. Last
month he was in Bogota, Colombia, and in a couple of weeks, he’ll
be in Quito, Ecuador for about a month.

Since he was never in one place for more than several weeks at a
time, and only came back to the US every few months, he needed to
maintain a home base, an address within the United States. At first,
though he realized this would burden his mother, Doug would have
his mail sent to his mother’s house – he especially hated her having
to go to the post office to forward his mail internationally. Doug
knew it was time to get a professional solution.

Doug subscribed to's virtual
office business address, mail forwarding, and NYC voice mail with
email forwarding of messages. He would have his mail forwarded
on a monthly basis to his current destination. Being that he was
never in one place for more than a month, would be forwarding his mail to a different
destination on a monthly basis: Buenos Aires, Montevideo,
Barranquilla, Guayaquil, Santiago – Doug sure got around

Having a local number in the US was also a necessity for him. He
always has a US mobile phone on hand, but often finds himself in
an out of service area and needs to use a mobile phone with local
service – and that means another phone number. He uses his NYC
212 voice mail number from as
a main contact number to centralize his messages. All messages
are sent as a .wav file to his email address and Doug listens to
them on his laptop.

Day trading is how Doug makes his living, but he also is an avid
traveler and posts all his travel musings, recommendations and tips
to his travel website. He is using the virtual office address as a
contact for his travel website which is starting to turn a profit. Doug is
now nurturing what is becoming an unintentional side business –
which could ultimately give him all the freedom he desires. He is
currently in plans to write a travel guide.

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