Case Study: Donald, His Publishing
Company and a NY Virtual Office

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Case Study: Donald
Type of Business: Publisher/Author
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Services: New York Virtual Office, 212 Manhattan phone with voice
mail to email, 212 fax number with email forwarding of messages,
NYS Incorporation, NYS Registered Agent

Donald is a professor by day, but by heart and soul, he is a writer, an
author. He spends his summer and winter breaks researching and
writing novels that transport the reader to faraway places with page
turning suspense. Donald had been publishing his own books for
years. After realizing that many of his associates, also authors, were
coming to him for advise on publishing their own books, he decided
to start his own publishing company.

After extensive market research, Donald realized that the best and
only fitting option would be to establish a New York presence for his
new publishing company; Manhattan, being the capital of
publishing companies, was the obvious choice. After researching
his options online and contacting several virtual office service
providers, Donald to
manage his New York business presence. Why
He liked how detailed and prompt our
responses were to his emails, he also appreciated our extensive
experience and our no-nonsense customer service approach . We
also had all the services he required to get him up and running
quickly and efficiently.

Donald started off with subscribing to our New York Virtual Office
address service. He added a 212 Manhattan phone number with
email forwarding of incoming messages and a 212 fax number with
fax forwarding to email. Checking into the office was a simple as
checking his email each day. His voice mail messages were
emailed to him as a .wav file and faxes as a .tif files. He could save,
delete, print, and store his New York messages at a whim. A few
days later he sent us the paperwork to process and file his new
Corporation with the State and selected us as his New York
Registered Agent. His New York publishing company, was filed with
the State within days.

Donald’s new Publishing Company, a small start-up, now had a
business presence in New York just up the block from world
renowned Macmillan. Location, Location, Location! Impressive!

Donald was his Publishing Company’s first client, he was writing a
novel a year. The new Publishing Company handled all the press,
publicity and technicalities for their first client, Donald. Remember
Donald’s writer friends, who kept coming to him for advice? They
jumped on board with the new Publishing Company as well.

The new Company was getting busy. They needed to start
answering their 212 phone calls on the spot. Donald contacted us
to see if it was possible to upgrade his number to call forwarding.
Surely! He had us forward the calls to his home in Scottsdale.
Donald’s wife, a retiree, would be answering his calls.

Donald’s Publishing Company is still going strong – their books
have been picked up by bookstore chains and by Amazon. He
receives all his checks and correspondence at the office which are
are then forwarded once a week to his home in Scottsdale.

Always expressing appreciation, Donald sends us a few
autographed copies of each book his Company publishes. We are
proud to still call Donald and his Publishing Company our clients.
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