Case Study: Siobhanne, Her Talent Agency
and a NYC Virtual Office

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Case Study: Siobhanne
Type of Business: Talent Agency
Location: Greenwich, London, UK
Services: New York Virtual Office Business Address Rental,
Meeting Room Usage, Mail Handling

Siobhanne lives just across the pond from New York in Greenwich,
a suburb of London. A former model and retired actress herself, she
parlayed her expertise and experience into running a small talent
agency out of her home office. Her work brought her to the United
States every few weeks – client opportunities in the States were
starting to show a profit.

Siobhanne needed a New York business address to receive
correspondence. Initially, she unwittingly rented what turned out to
be simply a mailbox service from a “virtual office” company right
here in Manhattan. She ran into huge problems when potential
talent clients would attempt to visit her office to drop-off head-shots
and found a room of mailboxes, how embarrassing! She knew it
didn’t portray a professional image; she needed to rent an actual
business address, with facilities to receive both her mail and guests
in a professional office environment. That’s when she contacted VH
International Business Solutions, Inc.

After several emails containing detailed questions, phone calls, and
viewing facility photos, Siobhanne was confident with the
environment and professionalism of the employees who would be
running “her” office. She signed up for our business address rental
services online.

She gave precise instructions, to be left on file with the receptionist,
on how to deal with any talent that would show up unannounced to
drop-off head shots. After the talent left their packages with
reception, the resumé and head-shots would be scanned and
emailed to Siobhanne. All mail and packages received would then
be forwarded, at the end of each month, via courier (flat rate
envelope) to her home in Greenwich. She would pickup her mail
herself while in New York.

Two weeks after opening her account, Siobhanne made an
appointment to rent the private office facilities for a few hours during
one of her trips to New York. She was thrilled with the
accommodations, size, brightness, and privacy of the room… over
200 sq feet of private space all to herself for only $15 an hour! VH
International Business Solutions, Inc provided exactly the service
she needed! She was confident her business was in good hands.

We are proud to call Siobhanne and her talent agency one of our
valued clients.
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